MICROBES –(Micro-organic diversity)

Given the variety of habitats and conducive condition for growth, it is estimated that micro level species are very large in tripura. Accurate enumeration of all the species is time consuming and requires mobilisation of huge amount of resources. Special studies will have to be taken up in future for complete listing. Micro-flora & fauna gives a list of the species identified up till now in tripura. 

In addition to the above-mentioned variety of species, a large number of bacteria, algae, fungi, bryophytes and Pteridophytes are present in the State. Sarkar (2001) has reported a list of 19 species of edible mushrooms in tripura Special studies need to be carried out to identify such variety of species.

Edible Mushrooms 
Wild edible mushrooms in natural substrata

  1. Pleurotus squamosulus
  2. P. pulmonarius
  3. P. citrinopilieatus
  4. P. eous
  5. P. flabellatus
  6. P. sajor-caju
  7. P. ostreatus
  8. P. djamor
  9. Volvariella volvacea
  10. V. diplasia
  11. V. bombycina
  12. Termitomyces microcarpa
  13. T. eurhizus
  14. T. clypeatus
  15. T. heimii
  16. Marasmius spp.
  17. Geastrum spp.
  18. Calocybe indica
  19. tricholoma lobayense
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