Medicinal Plants

A tripura State Medicinal Plants Board has been constituted under the Health and Family Welfare Department vide their notification No. F. 2(37)-SH/2001/3265-79 dt: 12th Sept, 01. The tripura Forest Department as a part of its efforts to given an impetus to the cultivation of medicinal plants has published of booklet on agro-technology of selected 30 species of medicinal plants of tripura. 

The works in the field of conservation, cultivation, processing and marketing of medicinal plants and their products and the over all development of this sector leading to a sustainable developmental process is now ready for take off. The Health Department of the State through the indigenous systems of medicinal plants such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy have established medicinal gardens and are now looking forward for establishment of processing facilities for value addition to these medicinal plants to produce herbal products.

List of Selected Medicinal Plants from tripura 

Sl. No. Scientific Name Family
1. Andrographis paniculata Acanthaceae
2. Aquillaria malaceensis Thymelaeaceae
3. Asparagus reticulatus Liliaceae
4. Baeopa moniari Scorphalariaceae
5. Centella asiatica Umbelliferae
6. Hemidesmus indicus Apocynaceae
7. Holorrhea pubescens Apocynaceae
8. Hydrocarpus kurzi Labiatae
9. Justica adhatida Acanthaceae
10. Marsilea minuta Acanthaceae
11. Ocimum tenuifloram Labiatae
12. Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus Acanthaceae
13. Rawlfia serpentina Apocynaceae
14. Saraca asoca Fabaceae
15. Terminalia belerica Combretaceae
16. Terminalia chebula Combretaceae
17. Vitex negabdo Verbenaceae
18. Vitex peduncularis Verbenaceae
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