BD Components


Pursuant to the decision taken in a Review Meeting of the Tripura JICA Project held under the chairmanship; of Hon’ble Forest Minister on 01-08-09 a decision was taken that the Inventorisation of Bio-Diversity resources work which was being undertaken through Core Committee headed by the Chief Wildlife Warden, Tripura under JICA Project shall be executed by the State Tripura Bio-Diversity Board, a meeting was held in the chamber of Chief Secretary on 09-09-09 along with Sri S.Talukdar, CEO & PD,, JICA and it was decided that necessary modalities may be worked out by Tripura JICA Project accordingly. The Memorandum of Understanding on Transferring Task of Bio Conservation components under Tripura JICA Project for its execution by the Tripura Bio-Diversity Board was signed between CEO & PD, JICA and Member Secretary,Tripura Biodiversity Board on 25th of January,2010.As per the MoU the JICA shall place the entire fund under Bio-diversity Conservation component i.e. Rs.6.6 crore (excluding the fund already spent until November’09 under this component) to the Tripura Bio-Diversity Board. The JICA Project will also provide additionally a maximum of 15% of the Programme Cost under Administrative Cost for meeting expenses against outsourcing, POL, office expenses etc. 

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BD Inventorization


Completion of Inventorization study in the remaining components

Ecotourism Development


Maintenance of 3 Nos of Eco Parks


Construction of 5 Nos of eco-huts


Canteen to be run by Women SHGs


Construction of benches


Development of Picnic Spots

Habitat Improvement and Management

Habitat improvement-enrichment of vegetation

Maintenance of older grasslands 225 ha


Creation of 50 ha grassland advance work


Creation of tract for monitoring wildlife 10 Nos


Engagement of Watchman 5 Nos


Conducting Animal census


Construction of Water Hole 10 Nos

Development of Community Conservation Areas

BD Conservation Effort

Creation of 20 ha fruit bearing spp plantation


Advance work

Entry Point Activities

Supply of school uniforms and amenities to a nearby school


Piggery unit 1 No


Construction of 2 Nos mudwall

Wildlife Equipments


Procurement of wildlife equipments

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