ETHNIC divERSITY (Socio-cultural and ethnic diversity)

Uchui : tribes of tripura
UchuiUchai is a separate tribe, live in tripura since time immemorial. They have migrated in tripura from Arakan Hills of Burma. As per 2001 Census Uchais are only 2,103 persons in this state and concentrated mainly in Amarpur and Belonia Sub-divisions. Language and culture of Uchais are also similar with other Kok-Borok speaking tribes like Reang, tripuris, Jamatias etc. Uchais also live in Tong (Gaireng) house built out or chan grass and bamboos. 

traditionally Uchais were Jhum Cultivators and still practice Jhum in high tillas and slopes. In Jhum they used to produce everything they needs. They still depend on many other economic and food gathering activities in the forest. They hunt wild animals, birds while work in jhum field. 

Uchais live in clustered villages. In one village there may be maximum 50 families live together. In the family, irrespective of young and elder member, there exists a cordial and familiar relation. Major works in the family are generally done by mother. Father remains busy with economic activities. Women in the family including young boys and girls help their father and mother for works in the jhum field and other domestic works. 

Marriage among Uchais held during the age of 16-20 yrs, previously there was a mandatory rule for staying of bride-groom in the house of father-in-laws before the final marriage and suitable bride price was to be given. But now-a-days this system is not prevalent. The social council of Uchais was very much rigid at one point of time but his type social institute is not so active now. 

Uchais follow Hinduism in board sense. They believe in god and equally super natural forces. Their major deities are Radhak, Garia, Ker, Ganga Puja, Naksu Motai etc. Among them few families con-verted to Christianity and follow religious events as per Christian Calendar. According to Hindu religious thought, Uchais dispose their dead body by cremation after following rites and rituals and funeral procession.