ETHNIC divERSITY (Socio-cultural and ethnic diversity)

Mog : tribes of tripura
MogIn tripura as per 2001 Census Mogs are 30,385 persons. Their major concentrations are at Subroom and Belonia. Mogs are Arakan tribe and migrated to tripura through Chittagong Hill tracts. By re-ligion they are Buddhist. Their language is grouped under Tibeto-Chainese family which has also linked with Assam-Burmese section of language. 

Mogs are depends on Jhum Cultivation. By nature they are no so much active for advancement of life. They have social Administrative social council. Chief of this council is called as Chowdhury. They cremate their dead after observing rites and rituals. Wah Festival is their annual meeting of whole community people. 

There is a combination of folk songs and dance during this festival. In fact Mog's social culture and belief are centralized with Burmese culture. Their folk tales and folk songs are really mind blowing and touches core of heart. Mog community by tradition famous for their folk medicine. Beside their normal economic activities some of them earn through indigenous treatment/medicine.