ETHNIC divERSITY (Socio-cultural and ethnic diversity)

Lushi : tribes of tripura
LushiLusai is another tribe under Kuki-Chin group of tribes. Their main concentration is under Kanchan-pur Sub-division of North tripura District. Lusais are commonly known as Mizos. Racially they are known to be under Mongoliod origin. In tripura they are 4,777 persons as per 2001 Census. Their culture is as like as Mizos. Jumpui Hill is Lusai's home land. 

Lusai live on Jhum Cultivation and hunting of wild animal. They eat meat of any kind of animals and birds. They are also famous as orange producing community. Before others Lusai are known as head Hunter community. During 1st part of 19th Century most of the Lusai's converted as Christian and still follow Christianity as their religion. 

Their Bamboo Dance (Cheraw-dance) is very much popular in and outside the country. Literacy rate among them comparatively is higher then that of other minor tribes of tripura. A large number among them could be found in Govt. jobs and other economic fields.