ETHNIC DIVERSITY (Socio-cultural and ethnic diversity)

Jamatia : tribes of tripura
JamatiaJamatia is another tribal group of tripura, having distinct feature of Mongoliod Origin. Their lan-guage is also similar with that of tripuris. So they speak in Kok-Borok which is a language of Ti-beto-Buerman family. As per 2001 Census their population in tripura is 74,949 and treated as 4th largest tribal group of tripura. 

Jamatia were the major strength of Royal Army of tripura kingdom for which they were exempted from the house taxes during princely- state. Earlier Jamatias had to live on Jhum Cultivation. But among the tribals of tripura they accustomed themselves with plough cultivation after the tripuris. At present most of them depend on plain land cultivation beside allied economic activities. 

Jamatias are Hindus and have embraced Sakti cult and Vaishavism. "Hoda Akra" is their supreme traditional Social Institute which has power to look after to preserve and promote their every Social taboos, Customs and religion. All sort of social and criminal disputes in between the community members are also sorted by the 'Hoda'. 

Jamatias are fond of their traditional folk culture and observance of those components like Drama, Garia festival and other common dances of Kok-Borok speaking tribes. They have special from of Garia dance which denote their Hindu based religious culture. A large numbers among them fol-lows Vaishnavism and observe all events as per tradition.